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i-MASK advanced visor protection system for Squash. Can be worn over glasses and does not mist or restrict vision.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. A Player on our Rankings list has left the Club, how do I delete him?
Players cannot actually be deleted as such as we need to maintain their historical playing records to keep the statistics accurate.

Remove the Player from your Rankings List
Unranking Players
In the 'Maintain Rankings List' page, select the Player and then select 'Remove from Rankings' in the 'Rank before' list.

2. Check to see if the Player is in your Current Rankings list, if so you will have to wait until that Ranking Period is over.
3. Go to 'Click here to maintain Ranking lists'
4. At the bottom of the list you will see your Unranked Players
5. Click on 'Remove' against the required Player
6. If you accidentally remove the wrong player or need to Re-activate them just click on the 'Non-active Players' link at the top of the Rankings Page. Then click on the Player Name.

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